oh just kidding wow I suck at tumblr

to that last anon that asked that: uh, I can’t really give away “resplendence”, sorry

Anonymous said: Hi, I dont mean to be rude or straightforward but would you be open to giving your url away or exchanging it for something?

which url do you want? it depends.

the best act in Eurovision 2013, hands down.

if you disagree you have no taste.

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just creepin’ out of my usual tumblr silence to post this beauty

brace yourselves, eurovision is coming.

a series of haikus regarding exams:

sleeping through lectures
I never learned anything
guess it serves me right

I paid attention
but professor cannot teach
I am paying for this?

professor’s lecture
more confusing than the ‘net
consulting Google

the assigned readings
pages of bad scans and text
what assigned readings

stressed out over points
will they determine my fate?
I just need to pass

a college senior
run out of motivation
zero fucks given